Fine Art and Erotic Nudes

Mass Nudes at Te Manawa Museum in Palmerston North SUNDAY 21st April 2013

Come and Join me to do the first Mass Nude Shoot in Palmerston North

For those who don’t know about me, please allow a brief introduction. My name is Binh Trinh, a fine art photographer based in Palmerston North. My “Mass Nudes” project have been internationally published and exhibited, as well as helped me to become the first NZ to win the 2011 International Black and White photographer of the year, as well as several prestigious international awards.

This event will hopefully be one of the many successful photoshoots in collaboration with Te Manawa Museum. This will be the first for me to do a mass nudes inside a city like this, and it is a first time for Te Manawa to give an artist such access to create such artwork, so its very exciting.

The photoshoot will take place in the Gallery Space on the morning of SUNDAY 21st of April, from 7:30-10am.

The Facebook Event Page is here. Or else you can leave comments here and express your interest. Alternatively, If you are interest in joining me on future mass nude photoshoots, please Click on This Link to go to the registration page and join our database.

***The space will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC during this time.

Please read the rules and conditions carefully before become a volunteer model and participate in this exciting project:

The MUSTs:
* All models must be over 18 years old. Proof of ID may be required
* there is no preference to the shape, size, colour etc to the models. Everyone is “perfect” in my eyes
* All models MUST sign a model release form
Click Here for the model release form

* No cameras, no cell phones, no taking pictures or video of any kind, apart from myself and my staff
* Please be respectful to everyone else. I, and the staff and Te Manawa reserves the rights to remove participants if required.

You do NOT need to have your face shown in the photos. You are more then welcome to cover your face with your hand, or turn yourself away, whatever it makes you comfortable.

The Side notes:
*bring minimal clothing,and nothing expensive, and a plastic bag with your name on it
*if possible, please download the form and fill that in before you come as that will save alot of time
*please dont be late as we will likely to close the gallery door at 8am
*the selected and edited images will appear on my website afterwards, which you are more then welcome to download for yourself and share. The images will be in web resolution format and will contain my copyright logos.
*Please note the High Resolution images will not be available or for sales. So please be aware of this.
*if you wish to purchase any images, you are welcome to contact me

Please spread the word and hope to see you all soon

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